The Unveiling of the Travel Chat Bots – Ryanair Enters a New Era in Technologies

20 Aug

Technology is changing all facets of the social interaction and business, including the social media and air travel. For instance, the social media site Facebook recently unveiled the incorporation of messenger bots to enhance its user experience. According to Amadeus Innovation blog, bots are defined as small pieces of software pre-programmed with interactions to make communication seamless and natural. Under the Facebook arrangement, the messenger bots will take the role of personal virtual assistants, which can send you links to trending articles under any given topic.

Chat Bots Learn from Everyday Human Interactions

Some of the most outstanding features on messenger bots include the natural language processing and the ability to learn from everyday human interactions. With regards to customer proximity, specialized bots called Chat bots can be amazingly resourceful. For instance, you can use the bots to raise the credit limit at your bank by sending a simple message or track your parcel in sites such as EBay and Amazon without typing long drawn details such as the serial number. In the travel industry, Amadeus and other companies are tapping into bots to make them meaningful in business and travel to achieve hassle free travel experience.

This experience can be achieved by combining individual travel information with the contents of the destination. During travel, the bots can be enhanced to retrieve useful information such as details about boarding, boarding gate, terminal, time of flight and airport information whenever a request is made. To attain desired companionship, bots can be enhanced to inspire travelers and allow travelers to make bookings on the go in addition to offering personalized destination recommendations based on the user’s preferences. The other area of exploitation is developing bots that can anticipate the needs of the travelers and send notices on matters such as delayed or canceled flights.

Bots Will Revolutionize the Travel Business

Bots can also go a long to revolutionize the business side of things by boosting the customer service experience and reducing the operating cost. Case in point, passengers can receive boarding passes and flight information from sites such as Yahoo or Facebook Messenger. Passengers can also chat with airline support team using messenger apps that act much the same way as travel agents. The end result is a leaner, customer service station and a call center that is responsive to every passenger needs. One question that will still linger in the minds of many people is whether chat bots can generate more revenue as effectively as humans. Ryanair entered into an agreement with Amadeus in September 2014 to avail cheap fares and ancillary service to Amadeus subscribers.

Ryanair Improves Its Customer Service

Ryanair is undoubtedly one of the largest and most successful low-cost airlines in the world. The Irish based airline has carved a niche for itself by offering affordable tickets and opened the skies to a huge, hitherto uncovered section of the population. In 2015, the company year-end-aircraft fleet stood slightly above 300, with Boeing 737’s forming the bulk of the fleet. Ryanair also boasts of having over 10,000 highly skilled aviation professionals keen to maintain the airlines high performance and incredible safety record. Prior to the emergence of Ryanair, the practice of accessing charges on boarding passes, offering flight without complimentary food or drinks and giving restrictions on the quantity and size of carry-on luggage on the plane was unheard of in Europe.

To boost its levels of profitability, the company has launched a user-friendly website and a mobile app that will enable travelers to book flights quickly and prioritized seat allocation. Remote testing technology played a critical role in making the site agile and responsive to the needs of the travelers. Ryanair business model follows a simple and straightforward model that emphasizes cheap transportation to attract price conscious consumers. The operating model, on the other hand, follows structural and executional model which focuses on “doing things correctly” to ensure operational efficiency.

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