Ryanair Enables Voice Search for Flights and Hotels

20 Aug

The role of digital technology today and the future implies the need for firms and companies to continuously seek to avail and modernize technological avenues of doing business. The internet has provided a dynamic environment whereby firms compete to avail business solutions to the most of possibility. This state of affairs exemplifies the latest introduction of Alexi’s voice recognition to Ryanair search options of flights, hotels and flight status on the firm’s web. The voice recognition feature is an effort in the right direction as it will help the budget airline reach a further niche that would have not been if it hadn’t prompted the development.

This kind of feature has been tried successfully by Korean airline as well as travel search engines Kayak who posits it helps those who can’t write as well. The budget airline, Ryanair, move therefore is a great fete in recognizing the role of inclusivity in the sales process. The app is linked to a skill app and responds to its caller verbally, unlike apps that respond by providing written pages over the web. The app will provide information service but cannot yet be used for booking as development is still under way.

Competitive Future and Forecasts

The new features come with a new package that include connection to and support for apple pay. This has enabled customers to perform in-app purchases via its fingerprint touch identity authentication system. The app also include in information on connection to European flights.

The airliner has a list of upcoming improvements for the app. According to airliner representative, through an email, the new app in the future will be inclusive of paying through MyRyanair as well as some calendar integration. Noting the budget airline consistent effort to becoming a low cost travel partner for many in Europe, the latest features is a sign that the firm is committed to a progressively competitive future and forecasts clearly the role that technology will play in future business prospect. It is highly unlikely that the business level strategy will let the firm’s down. The airliner renowned effort in structural efficiencies is expected to be a great compliment to this new technological dispensation that the firm has adopted of late.

Introduce Planes with More Space

To achieve higher results, the airliner has also announced it will introduce roomier planes with new Boeing 737 max carriers. The new planes are expected to be launched next supreme with Zodiac slim line seats. This expected development is certain to increase the airline competitive edge in the European market a great deal. The development matches the current market trends and is likely to have an effect in the airline business as for many days it has been the preserve of premium airliners thus alienating a major market, which Ryanair is known to be very efficient in. with the right prices as usual, the future of the airline is brim with Opportunity.

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