Ryanair Calls for Two Drink Maximum at Airports

20 Aug

Excessive alcohol is a key ingredient for debauchery and unruly behavior, without any doubt. Without any doubt not many people will claim to have never seen the evil side of drunkards gone out of control. This problem however has been a dichotomy since eons, as societies are unable to put line in thin line between what is excessive and what is sufficient. This state of affairs has been exemplified in the latest duel of action between airline Ryanair and airports. This comes in a time that the civil authority has posited an increase in disruptive cases in airports and airplanes due to heavy drinking.

How to Deal with When Passenger Behave Risky

Under normal circumstances, airlines have a set of actions at its disposal that it can employ in dealing with passengers whose behavior is deemed risky and disruptive. This include dropping the passenger at the nearest airline, refusing the customer travel for the remaining part of the journey as well as taking legal actions against the behavior for possible prosecution. The escalation of disruptive behavior as a result of excessive alcohol is nonetheless a redline that has prompted the airline Ryanair’s to consider a set of preventive action that include curtailing selling alcohol sales into not more than two bottles for its passengers and the hours for sale into not earlier than ten am in the morning.

This move comes after a year of drunken passengers becoming overly unruly and in most situation causing chaos. Ryanair however set of recommendation to airports is likely to construe the business interests of bars and restaurants located in the airports. One can however not blame the airliner, for threatening the profit interests of these restaurants as it’s not fair for airports to make huge gains while abandoning airlines to deal with the explosive issue of risky behavior from these drunks which can endanger the lives of many as well on board.

Consume of Alcohol on Board Now Forbidden?

Ryanair, a budget airline, is certainly not the first to institute such measures. Jet2 is renowned to have stopped alcohol sales on morning flights, becoming the first UK airliner to institute these measures. Ryanair also had previously banned passengers from consuming duty free purchases on board, actually to the extent of refusing such cargo into their aircraft. The worst hit routes by this problem are Alicante, Ibiza, and Palma.

It is notable that airport are unlikely to impose this ban, noting that they responded with the usual continuum of defining what is excessive and what is not excessive. In fact the definition of bottle is ambiguous as much as individuals have different measures with which they reach drinking full potentials. There is also a likelihood that more criticism is to be leveled against the airlines noting it once previously wanted to charge its passengers for restroom use. Nonetheless, there is a problem in drunkard behavior facing the airlines and this can’t be wished away.

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