New Airport CEO in London

Ken O'Toole is the new leading CEO at Stansted Airport
09 Apr

The economic structure is changing in Europe. Some would say the changes are a good thing, while others are not so sure. Along with the restructuring, many large associations are changing management. Stansted Airport is one of those places and has had a new acting CEO since September of last year. While we are not directly associated with Ryanair Mag, as critical fans, we keep track of these things. Late last year, operations at Stansted were assumed by Ken O’Toole. The operations have, of course, been left in very capable hands.

Who is Ken O’Toole?

Ken has had an extensive career in the aviation industry, working for airports and airlines for the past decade. Prior to joining the industry, he worked in accounting, which leads him to begin work at Ryanair. Originally, he came on as Head of Revenue Management, only later did he move on to become the Director of New Route Development. Eventually, he left moved on from Ryanair to become both Executive Director of the Manchester Airport Group and CEO of Manchester Airport. Until his transfer last year, he held the position at Manchester since 2013. The position change came as an office switch between Ken and Andrew Cowan: Stansted’s previous operator, now in charge of Manchester. The Director of the Manchester Airport Group, Charlie Cornish praised both men for their leadership skills and expressed confidence in the new assignments. There are big plans for the Stansted Airport over the upcoming years.

Ken’s Plan for Stansted

The airport has every intention of making the most use of its single runway and the facilities that it has before developing any expansion plans. As of right now, they are reaching out to the local community for permissions to increase the number of passengers permitted on site and the number of flights arriving and departing. An increase in traffic is sure to be a successful investment, since the airport has reached a new record, crossing the 25 million passengers per year mark. All of this passenger volume is managed by Ken’s staff of 1,600 Manchester Airport Group employees and is the bulk of the air traffic in South-Eastern England.

Expect an increase in air traffic and the requested allowances are, in part associated with several large contracts the airport will be making over the course of the year. Ryanair, the airports largest base, will be expanding its network of flights, starting in April, to include more than ever. Jet2 will be coming to Stansted this year which will make it the first flights by the company in and out of the South-Eastern part of England. Primera Air also announced the addition of new flights this year as well, including trips to Boston and New York City.

With all of the new routes and the hopes to add more, Ken is sure to have a busy year at his new job. His new position at Stansted is sure to help bring the UK air industry successfully into the future – even more than before!

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