Managing Disputes with Ryanair

20 Aug

Everything cannot be expected to go right all of the time, so there are always provisions to deal with things gone wrong. Nobody likes to have to contact customer service with a claim or dispute. Even under the best of circumstances, the task can be time-consuming and frustrating. While we are not, ourselves, part of Ryanair Mag, we are fans who want to share our tips and criticisms. The airline tries to keep such confusions to a minimum by having clearly outlined policies for such situations. They also have trained service staff to manage any inquiries.

Tips to Avoid Confusion

The best way to avoid having to sort trouble out is by not getting into it in the first place. Preparedness is a great way to dodge trouble in the first place, so before flying Ryanair it could help to review a few tips.

A good first point to make that while the airline does offer discount flights most of the perks, such as desired seating, costs extra.
For weight and space purposes, the airline is very strict about their baggage policies. It is better to be sure a bag is within the limit ahead of time, just to be sure.
Try to keep luggage close by, even carry it in clothing with an over-abundance of pockets instead, when possible.
It is essential not to forget a boarding pass because that is another thing that costs a rather hefty fee.

A nice perk is that if there is a mistake made when the tickets are ordered, it is possible to adjust the order for a whole day before doing so generates any fees.
Be sure to be aware of the procedures concerning the basic annoyances of travel such as delays or misplaced luggage.

What Is the Compensation for Delays?

In all honesty, the likelihood is that a flight delay is going to be caused by a situation not completely under control of the airline such as weather. In such cases, Ryanair is not responsible for the delay itself or compensating for it. When the airline is responsible for the holdup, however, there are certain entitlements a passenger has. The airline is required to provide any meals that are interrupted by the delay to the passengers free of charge. If the delay lasts overnight the passengers are entitled to lodging or a return home, at the expense of the airline.

Money rebates are required once the delay has made the passenger two to three hours later than the scheduled arrival. The rebate amount depends on the length of the delay, as well as the distance of the flight.

Mostly what is covered are delays due to mechanical malfunction. While in the past, there has been some debate about the manufacturers being the ones to blame. Even if it has been a while since the delay, claims cases can be made up to six years after the incident occurred.

About us

We are not affiliated with Ryanair or its management. We are basically giving our views as clients and fans as well as critics of the airline.